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Pioneers In Aviation eBook and Curriculum Materials

Stunning historical video clips highlight this eBook adaptation of the EMMY-nominated PBS documentary, charting the history of American aviation — from the Wright Brothers all the way to the Apollo Moon Landing.

Washington State and California form the principal backdrop of this uniquely American story — as a single generation of pioneers guided human flight through two world wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War, to the story's exciting culmination in the 1960s' Race to the Moon. Along the way, the Pioneers eBook also documents the social and political changes that colored the American landscape in the 20th century.

Our hope is that via the Pioneers eBook, middle school and high school students will discover their link to the American heritage of invention and innovation — through the traditional portals of social studies, science and mathematics.

Consider leading your students on a journey that begins in early 20th century America — with historical video clips that capture the genius and daring of the men and women who led us from the era of biplanes to the very frontiers of space.

The Emmy-nominated PBS documentary and Pioneers e-Book are finished works, but classroom materials, study guides and research questions are still being developed. A free trial through January 15, 2017 is now available — to permit you and your students to become acquainted with this unique educational resource.