Pioneers in Aviation DVD

EMMY-nominated PBS documentary

The EMMY-nominated PBS documentary, in three hour-long episodes — covering the history of American aviation, from the Wright Brothers to the very frontiers of Space.

"PIONEERS IN AVIATION . . . is an aviation buff's dream, richly detailed with the sort of footage often missing from historical films."
John Levesque — Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Highly recommended for its exceptional quality and content."
Library Journal

Newly Recovered Historical Footage:

The Wright Brothers' 1908 Army trials at Fort Myer, VA
The 1924 Douglas 'Around-the-World Flight'
'Rosie the Riveter' in wartime factories at Boeing, Douglas Aircraft, and North American Aviation
The famous 1942 Tokyo Raid — led by Col. Jimmy Doolittle
North American's P-51 Mustang in the skies over Berlin
A 19-year-old Marilyn Monroe modeling the cabin features of the Douglas DC-6
Boeing test pilot Tex Johnston's legendary barrel-roll of the first Boeing 707
President Kennedy's 1962 visit to honor McDonnell Aircraft workers on the Mercury Space Program

Episode I: The Early Years

Episode II: The War Years

Episode III: The Race to the Moon